AUDI Brand Day 2016

Audi approached DMG to produce Audi Brand Summit 2016 while launching the All New A4L in China.
Bringing across Audi's persistence of creation and innovation and presenting achieved milestones.
Audi makes us to reach the future.
The pursuit of future is rooted in our gene.It drives us to make impossible possible.
Audi’s innovations show the vision of the future.

The future isn’t unreachable anymore.It starts now.
Audi Brand Summit 2016 Moodboard


Audi Brand Summit 2016 Live GIF
Concept - DMG Event Team, Kaism Lim

Show Director - Andree Verleger
Video Director - Kaism Lim
Executive Producer - Jason Kirby
Producer - Xudong, YinChen, Sam Chee
Art Director - lockyi
Animation Lead - DB Gao

Post Production :
DMG Post Production (Kaism, DB Gao, Zhang LuLu, Zhang MinMin, AnQi, Abdu Rahmon, GuoJing, lockyi)   
Bruce Lee
Lorrypop studio (Calvin Mok, WeiLiat, BoonKee)
Moving Apes studio (Ck Kong, Yow WuBin, YeuJian)
Two people studio (Wednesday Rong)
Produced at DMG

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